Our Wellbeing Workplace Program

Amplified Life's Wellbeing Workplace Program equips organizations with the resources and services to create a workplace that fosters the development of wellbeing and productivity. Services and resources are stackable, scalable and customizeable.

We stand apart from most other employee assistance programs in the unmatched value we deliver through our digitally-enabled, wellbeing resources. Since the vast majority of any employee population will not engage in 1:1 services, money spent on employee assistance programs that lack engaging ways for all employees to connect provide a poor return on investment. In contrast, Amplified Life' adds to and enhances its 1:1 services with an unmatched array of digitally enabled solutions designed to engage every employee, every day in practicing wellbeing so all employees can be their best in work and life.

Our Wellbeing Gateway serves as the foundation to our Wellbeing Workplace Program. It includes promotional media, 24/7/365 live-answer support, an employer portal, and reduced "member" rates on all professional services. It can be used as a stand-alone wellbeing program and as the base to additional ("stackable") Wellbeing Gateway+ components: Wellbeing News, Wellbeing App, and Wellbeing TV.

Wellbeing Workplace Program Launch Video

View the video to see an example of a custom-branded launch of our Wellbeing Workplace Program including our Wellbeing Gateway and Wellbeing Gateway+ components.

Wellbeing Gateway Features & Benefits

Here are some of the many features and benefits of Amplified Life's foundational, Wellbeing Gateway program.

Wellbeing Workplace Promotion

Professionally designed, custom-branded posters, rack cards, magnet cards, window clings and other promotional media lets your employees know you are committed to providing a Wellbeing Workplace. The attrractive and engaging media also employeees with contact numbers for accessing services.

24/7/365 Support

The Wellbeing Workplace program includes 24/7/365 live-answer support from a Wellbeing Workplace team member who will provide employees with support and assist them in connecting with resources and services.

Reduced Pricing on All Services

Employers subscribing to our Wellbeing Gateway program receive access to all professional services at significantly reduced, member rates. These services include virtual and on-site coaching, counseling, consulting, training and critical incident response.

Account Portal

The easy-to-access, online account portal provides your leadership with complete access to your organization's Wellbeing Workplace information including program features, promotional resources, utilization data, and invoices.

Wellbeing Gateway+ Resources and Services

Amplified LIfe delivers customizeable and scaleable wellbeing resources including its Wellbeing News, Wellbeing App and Wellbeing TV. These cost-effective resources provide all employees with a daily opportunity to learn about wellbeing and practice it.

Wellbeing News

MindHealth Matters delivers monthly, interactive wellbeing engagement media to employees. Mindhealth Matters reinforces engagement, provides a link to support and enhances productivity.

Wellbeing TV

Our Wellbeing TV streams a collection of wellbeing related programming along with clips from popular, syndicated programming like the Tonight Show. This media mix attracts attentionn and engages employee in watching and learing about wellbeing. The Scrolling ticker at bottom of screen keeps employees apprised of corporate wellbeing news, resources and training opportunities.

Wellbeing App

wayForward empowers employees with personal, smartphone access to wellbeing videos, programs and coaches. This app also supports individual assessments, self-directed health programs and access to our wellbeing counselors and coaches.

Contact Us

Want to learn more? Call our Wellbeing Workplace Account Representative, Amanda Maher, LMSW. Amanda brings years of experience delivering and supporting employee assistance services and looks forward to helping you design the program that's right for your organization and your employees. Amanda can be reached at 800-453-7733, or via her email at: