At Amplified Life Media, we're continuously creating better ways to bring wellbeing to work and life.

We're writing, customizing, producing, and delivering wellbeing media to EAPs, behavioral healthcare organizations and other entities involved in the delivery of health and wellness.

Lyle and Susan Labardee first brought their healthcare, EMS and clinical expertise to the EAP industry in 1997 and established their first "network", Crisis Care Network (CCN), which quickly became the leading provider of onsite crisis response services for EAPs nationwide.

In the years that followed the transiton of CCN to R3 Continuum, Lyle and Susan Labardee advanced the use of technology in healthcare with the development of the award winning CrisisCoach web application and one of the first HIPAA compliant apps in behavioral health.

Building on their experience bringing technology-enabled, innovative solutions to EAPs, Lyle and Susan launched Amplified Life Media in 2012. Amplifed Life Media delivers engaging, Custom branded, interactive wellbeing media to EAPs and over 250,000 covered lives.

We understand, there are different viewpoints out there on whether or not to hyphenate the word "wellbeing", and the use of the non-hyphenated version is the exception.

We stand apart in using "wellbeing" for one reason alone, the absence of the hyphen suggests greater integration between "well" and "being", and in our experience the essence of wellbeing, i.e.," the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous" (Merriam-Webster), requires a sense of wholeness that comes about through greater integration of how one thinks, feels and behaves.

We hope that when you see "wellbeing", you will see what we see, wholeness.

Our Team

Lyle Labardee, LPC

Chief Executive Officer

Lyle brings 25+ years of experience developing and delivering innnovative solutions to EAPs and behavioral health organizations.

Susan Labardee

Director of Operations

Susan brings 25 years of experience supporting the development and delivery of services and resources for EAPs.

Dean Ferris, MBA

Business Advisor

Dean brings 20+ years of experience as a healthcare executive, CEO and business advisor.

Lori Freeland, BA

Managing Editor

An experienced Sr. Health Writer for numerous EAPs and behavioral health organizations, Lori leads Amplifed Life's creative team.

Sarah Sheppard

Creative Director

An accomplished graphic artist and designer, Sarah provides creative direction to our creative media team.

Ron Epps, BA

eLearning Developer

Ron brings 20+ years of experience in eLearning, instructionlal design and video production.

Jen Atkins, BA

Graphic Artist

Jen brings expertise in graphic arts, design and adminstration of Salesforce Communities.

Denise Winslow, BA

Instructional Designer

Denise is an accomplished Instructional Designer and leads the production of our monthly Mindhealth Matters publication.

Renae Brumbaugh, MFA

Sr. Health Writer

A nationally-recognized, award winning writers an author, Renae serves as a Sr. Health Writer.

Jessical Ball, MA

Nutrition Writer

Jess is a registered dietician, and health writer who produces Amplifed Life's monthly column on nutrition and diet.

Chris Morris, CPA

Finance Writer

Published author and finacial consultant, Chris Morris writes Amplifed Life's monthly column on finance.

Sabreen Polavin, LMSW

Clinical Editor

Sabreen serves as clincial reviewer and editor of all behaviorla health content.

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