Amplified Life is the leading provider of branded content for behavioral health and wellness providers including internal and external EAPs, university counseling centers, government agencies, HR professionals, and practitioners including counselors, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, coaches and other practitioners.   

Our partners share our value for making a difference in the world through equipping behavioral health and wellness providers with the resources and best practices to carry out their mission.


We're proud to be partnering with these leaders in behavioral health and wellness. These companies and the products they sell have been carefully reviewed, and our referral programs have been uniquely designed to support our customers.  We only promote products and services we feel align with our mission and values.

If you were referred to our service by one of our affiliate partners you may receive a discount, and if you are referred by Amplified Life to one of our affiliate partners, you may be offered a discount or benefit on the product or service they provide. You'll want to review the links and terms associated with each of the partners listed on this page so you can get a better understanding of what each offers and what it means for you. 

Periodically you will receive email notifications or reminders which will present on your homepage about these types of products and services. There is no obligation for you to purchase and/or engage in any way with our partners.