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We Bring Wellbeing to Work

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Bringing Wellbeing To the Workplace for More than Two Decades

Amplified Life and its principals have been bringing innovative, wellbeing workplace solutions to nationwide employers, EAPs, behavioral health organizations and universities for over two decades.  Recognized by Ernst and Young in 2002 for their ground breaking, nationwide, 911-like coordination of on site crisis response services through Crisis Care Network, Amplified Life's principals now serve as trusted, proven, partners in the delivery of wellbeing workplace services and resources.  Looking for media resources? Please see our footer for links to our complete selection of custom-branded pamphlets, posters and newsletters. 

Selected Organizations Whose Trust We've Earned Along the Way:

Workplace Wellbeing Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity

Organizations implementing Wellbeing Workplace solutions experience higher rates of employee retention, decreased lost time, and increased productivity. 

Helping Employees Connect, Be Present, Learn, Be Active, & Give.

Amplified Life’s scaleable, Wellbeing Workplace program augments existing EAP services, and also serves as a set of unmatched  stand-alone, wellbeing workplace resources.  We empower employers with the resources to help employees thrive.  Tap on the photos in the slider and learn more about how we can help you bring Wellbeing to your Workplace.

  • CONNECT: Access to Counselors and Coaches In-Person and via TeleHealth. Management Consultation and Critical Incident Response also Available.

  • TAKE NOTICE:  Streaming Wellbeing Media, Quarterly Newsletters and Digital Media Keeps Wellbeing Awareness Front and Center.

  •  LEARN: Monthly In-Person and TeleConference Trainings with Smartphone Compatible Resouces.

  • BE ACTIVE: On-Site Mind-Body Exercises Including Mindfulness and Yoga.

  • GIVE: Explore Opportunities for Employees to Pull Together and Give Back to One Another and Their Communities.

  • Wellbeing Workplace: Let us help you put it all together and become an Amplified Life - Approved, Wellbeing Workplace.

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing

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