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Amplifying Wellbeing, Increasing Productivity

We help organizations improve wellness and productivity by providing a cost-effective spectrum of wellbeing resources ranging from engaging media to mobile apps, wellness training, coaching and counseling. Our services equip growing organizations with an affordable, HIPAA-compliant suite of resources designed to boost employee engagement, wellness and productivity. Whether you’re looking for an affordable substitute for EAP services or specialized services, like a best-in-class mobile app to augment existing services, we can help.

Wellbeing Initiatives Reduce Costs

Costs associated with workplace stress are at an all-time high, and employees are speaking up and asking for more workplace wellbeing resources.  A growing body of data shows that organizations supporting workplace wellbeing initiatives that provide employees with opportunities to learn and practice mindfulness, and access appropriate, qualified resources see greater employee retention, reduced healthcare costs and higher productivity.

Our Wellbeing Workplace Solutions

Wellbeing Workplace

The Wellbeing Workplace is a workplace centered on wellbeing. A workplace that fosters relaxed, clear-headed mindfulness, resilience, employee engagement, productivity and retention.  Amplified Life brings integrated, wellbeing solutions to the workplace including Wellbeing Media, Wellbeing Training, and a Smart Phone-Enabled Wellbeing App. Let us help you  cost-effectively deliver wellbeing to your staff. 

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Lyle Labardee, MS, LPC Presents on Wellbeing & Mindfulness

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Wellbeing Workplace Resources & Services

These resources form the building blocks of a customized Wellbeing Workplace program that will integrate with existing services, align with budgets and amplify employee wellbeing. 

Wellbeing Media Resources

A Wellbeing Workplace Resource

Print and digital media promotes health, wellbeing and productivity. Custom branded pamphlets and newsletters associates your company with wellbeing.

Wellbeing Smartphone App

A Wellbeing Workplace Resource

An Amplified Life partner-solution, wayForward is a leading, mobile-responsive, wellbeing app used by employers, EAPs and others worldwide.

Wellbeing Training

A Wellbeing Workplace Resource

Wellbeing Workplace training includes Introduction to Wellbeing, Mindfulness Basics and Strategies for Cultivating Wellbeing in the Workplace.

Wellbeing Phone & Chat Support, Around the Clock

A Wellbeing Workplace Resource

24/7/365 Access. Licensed behavioral health professionals and wellbeing coaches provide support to employees and management staff.

Wellbeing Coaching & Counseling

A Wellbeing Workplace Resource

Licensed behavioral health professionals specializing in wellbeing coaching provide on-site coaching, employee engagement and counseling as needed.

Wellbeing Management Consultation

A Wellbeing Workplace Resource

Licensed behavioral health and wellbeing expert provides telephonic and on-site consultation on  management of wellbeing issues and program development.

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