We offer IN-OFFICE, OUTDOOR, and TELEHEALTH counseling and coaching options; most insurances accepted.  For more information, call 616-499-4711, We're here to help.

Corporate Wellbeing Resources

Supporting Employers and EAPs for Over 20 Years

Amplified Life understands the needs of employers and EAPs relative to employee wellbeing, engagement and support.  Our leadership team brings 25+ years of experience providing  organizations with managment consulting, critical incident response, print and digital engagement media, and supportive services for employees.  Call 800-453-7733 to learn more about how we promote wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Employer-Supported Coaching
    and Counseling

Employer-Supported Coaching & Counseling

Our licensed counselors and coaches are available to provide counseling, coaching and support services to employees.  We'll coordinate services and costs with existing plans.

  • Employer-Directed Performance Coaching

Employer-Directed Performance Coaching

Our licensed counselors will work with the management team to develop employer-directed and sponsored performance review coaching objectives

  • Employer Consulting & Case Management

Employer Consulting & Case Management

Our licensed counselors will meet with the HR leadership and management teams to review and discuss wellbeing issues that may be impacting employee performance.

  • Critical Incident

Critical Incident Response

We provide local, critical incident response services to assist West Michigan - based employers and their employees recover and return to work following disruptive workplace events.

  • Mobile App with Online
    Coach Support 

Mobile App with Online Coach Support

We partner with PsyInnovations to deliver to employers and EAPs one of the leading behavioral health apps, wayForward. The app also supports individual assessments, programs and coach-contact. 

  • Digital Wellbeing
    Engagement Media

Digital Wellbeing Newsletters

Monthly, interactive, digital wellbeing articles delivered directly to mobile phones provide employees with an opportunity to engage in wellbeing tips and resources.

  • Streaming Wellbeing
    Media Channel

Streaming Wellbeing Media Channel

Flat panel TV monitor in breakrooms with an attached Apple TV - like media box that streams a collection of wellbeing related programming along with clips from popular, syndicated programing like the Tonight Show reinforces employee wellbeing.

  • Print & Digital
    Promotional Resources

Print & Digital Promotional Resources

Over 100 wellbeing articles available in colorful, custom-branded pamphlets, or via digital formatting.  Digital wellbeing content available for annual licensing.