Our History and MIssion

Our History and Mission

Founded in 2012 by Lyle and Susan Labardee, Amplified Life Network brings wellbeing to work and life.  Lyle and Susan support Amplified Life and those it serves with over 20 years of experience delivering clincial expertise to individuals and organizations.

Their flagship start-up, Crisis Care Network, now R3 Continuum and under new ownership, grew to become the nation's largest, dedicated provider of on-site crisis response, and served tens of thousands of employees impacted by disruptive workplace events.

Today, Amplified Life builds on this experience as it continues its mission of providing clinical counseling expertise through its rapidly growing team of local, licensed mental health providers. 

Additonally, Amplified Life produces and distributes wellbeing resources such as mobile wellbeing media, streaming wellbeing media and wellbeing content to employers and behavioral health organizations such as United Airlines, UnitedHealthcare, Optum and other EAPs throughout the US. 

Amplified Life Network is dedicated to delivering excellence in behavioral health services and resources to people of all beliefs, backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and walks of life. Founded on Christian principles, Amplified Life seeks to demonstrate these Golden Rule principles and standards in all of its relationships with its employees, contractors, partners, vendors, corporate accounts and counseling clients alike.  Always prepared to meet those served wherever they may be at with respect to their own faith practices, all Amplified Life therapists also espouse Christian faith practices and are well equipped to provide sound Christian counseling and coaching upon the request of those served.