LLPC Supervision

Why Us?

Lyle Labardee, MS, LPC, BCC brings more than 20 years in the field including service in hospital-based community mental health systems, psychological services, rehabilitation counseling, crisis response services and private practice with an emphasis on a brief solution focused interventions.  He has been published in Counseling Today and in a number of other peer-reviewed journals for his work in crisis response services.  He also has experience as an MS Counseling program chair and faculty member, and has worked for a number of years with the State of Michigan Board of Counseling on licensure matters for graduates pursuing LLPC and LPC licensure.


Connect with other LLPC practitioners, get expert guidance, learn of job opportunities, get advice on how to approach job interviews, and gain insight on how to build a private practice and market your services.


Our group supervision for LLPCs is held on weekdays, evenings and weekends in 2-4 hour blocks of time


Just $30/hr., per person.

We like to keep things simple and flexible, so if at anytime you need to discontinue your supervision you are free to do so. Apply for LLPC supervision today and get started tomorrow!

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LLPC Supervision Forms

  1. Registration Form
  2. Supervision Intake, Consent and Privacy Notice

*Completing these forms does not obligate you to ongoing services; you’re free to discontinue services at any time.

Group Supervision Services Include:

  • Supervisory endorsement of Professional Disclosure Statement
  • Guidance on completing supervisory and work experience hours
  • Assistance completing State of Michigan licensure documents
  • Review of evidence-based, best practices and therapeutic interventions
  • Assistance with practice development, job exploration, interviewing
  • Review of clinical files and issues relative to helping relationships
  • Continuing education videos and topical discussion (e.g., TED talks & other relevant & interesting resources)
  • Support and guidance on steps required to achieve full licensure
  • Groups range in size from 3 to 8 supervisees.

More about Lyle

Lyle is a State of Michigan Board of Counseling recognized LLPC Supervisor. His extensive professional background and qualifications to supervise include:

  • 20 Years Experience as  Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Founder of Crisis Care Network, Nationwide Network of 3000 Licensed Practitioners
  • Co-Founded Amplified Life Network, Leading Provider of Media and Resources to Insurers and Agencies Including UnitedHealthcare and US Postal Service
  • Served as Chair of Social Sciences and MS Counseling Program for the University of Phoenix / West Michigan Campus
  • Published in peer-reviewed journals relative to specialty work in crisis response services and clinically-based coaching.
  • Experience in full spectrum of behavioral health opportunities that may be of interest to supervisees including private practice, crisis services, teaching, EAPs, disability management, rehabilitation counseling, and publishing.