Jennifer Hunter, LLPC, CCTP Limited Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi, I’m Jennifer Hunter, a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor and Somatic Experiencing Therapist. I'm also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck? As a parent mystified on how to help a hurting child? Or maybe you’re a woman desperate to feel better than a day in day out, grinding sense of stress?

No one goes through life without bumps and bruises, and no one goes through life without needing support, love, and care. That’s my passion: to be a compassionate witness to your unique story and needs.

Counseling and Coaching Approach

In our time together, I hope to help “my people” explore a deeper part of the heart and soul, by learning to name and become familiar with physical and conscious expression of emotions, and then exploring how our bodies are designed to help us heal and grow resilience. 

I love especially to work with kids and parents who are struggling, or women who need some emotional support. In terms of official therapy techniques, I work primarily from a strengths-based trauma perspective: Somatic Experiencing. And alongside of SE, I filter in knowledge from a variety of play and parenting theories, including Emotion Focused Therapy and Trust Based Relational Intervention.

If you’re a parent, you can expect that, depending on age, I will let your child choose if they want your company while we work together. We’ll talk about your long-term parenting goals, what discipline and routine strategies work, and new strategies to try.

Whether you come to my office as a family, or an individual, I’ll send you home with little snippets of homework to try and build new discoveries into your daily routines.

Education and Experience

Cornerstone University has been home to me on and off for eight years: I spent my undergraduate years studying a double major in Biblical Studies and Creative Writing. A year later, I returned to work my way through a master’s degree in Professional Counseling with an emphasis on family counseling and attachment. My focus has landed primarily on the nervous system’s effect on our daily story, and am trained in Somatic Experiencing through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with kids in many settings, and have been blessed to do individual and family therapy at Second Story Counseling in the recent past.

On a personal note, I miss the flow of Spanish, and the Andes majesty from my childhood in South America, even as a deep love for Michigan forests and shores has taken root.  

Eleri, my dog, thinks she’s my child and keeps me out on daily walks whether there’s sun, rain, sleet, or snow. And, I love a good story of almost any genre, especially a good fantasy adventure or heart-breaking romance. Don’t be surprised if you find me laughing myself out of an embarrassing trip or fall. Clumsiness and I, unfortunately, have an arduous and close relationship.   

What about you? What makes you tic? Come in and let’s get to know each other a bit!

If you would like to schedule an initial session with me, call 616-499-4711 or click the "Schedule With Jennifer" button below; I'd be happy to meet with you and help you explore next steps.