Amplified Art Therapy

Finding it hard to "talk about it"? Maybe it's time to give Art Therapy a try.

Amanda Duvall, MEd, ATR-P

Hi, I’m Amanda Duvall; I'd love to help you see how art can help you discover new insights and greater relaxation. I'll help you pick an art medium that feels right for you (paint, clay, etc. ) and enables you to freely express yourself. You'll quickly see how guided art work leads to deeper insights, releases tension, and provides a greater sense of everyday calm.

I completed my Art Therapy studies at Wayne State University, and specialize in providing Art Therapy in clinical practice settings. Amplified LIfe's historic and natural setting makes it the perfect place for an Art Therapy studio.

Amplified Art Therapy

Ready to Learn More? Ask about our Amplified Art Therapy starter program with Amanda. This is a great way to try out Art Therapy and see if it's right for you.

What's Included:
3 - one hour, personal sessions
Use of private art studio
Introduction to various art mediums
Guided art therapy sessions with Registered Art Therapist.

What's it Cost:
Sign up for our 3-Session, Amplified Art Therapy starter program, and save $45 off the standard hourly rate of $125. You'll get 3 sessions at only $80 per session, and all sessions thereafter for the low introductory hourly rate of $80.

Ready to Get Started?

Call our Care Team at 616-499-4711 today and let them know you would like to register for your personal Amplified Art Therapy starter program with Amanda.