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Today, more than ever, EAPs and employers need cost-effective, digitally-enabled wellbeing resources to reach their increasingly stressed and remote workforces. We specialize in producing custom branded, print and digital employee assistance resources. Whether you're an employer looking for EAP-like resources to support your employees, a large internal or external EAP, or a broker of related services, our digital EAP resources will help you reach those you serve. Our owners were one of the first to bring digitally-enabled EAP solutions to the industry (Award Winning - Crisis Coach used for the U.S Army Corps of Engineers responding to Hurricane Katrina - 2005), and they have continued to serve EAPs ever since.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • "Working with Amplified Life’s Wellbeing Workplace Program has given me the confidence to effectively communicate with my co-workers, broaden my life skills by using the Enneagram Assessment to better understand myself and why I do what I do for a more successful career and personal life.  Thank you Amplified Life for changing my life!" 

    Karly Hayman; DIrector of HR at MIcro Manufacturing

  • "Each month our customers eagerly await the arrival of the new edition of MindHealth Matters. It is one of the most dynamic and interactive newsletters I have seen. With the feel of an app, it has the advantage of updated content every month. One of our customers saw utilization increase fourfold after this timely newsletter was introduced at the beginning of this year."

    Dan Tuft, CEO of Response Works

  • “It has been so encouraging to partner with Amplified Life in accomplishing our goal of enhancing emotional and mental wellbeing for our staff."

    Rachel Rydbeck, Owner of R-Athletics

  • "Collaborating with Amanda and the Amplified Life Network was an exciting experience. Recently, our internal EAP needed to digitize some of our learning resources and Amplified Life helped us to easily reach that goal. Amanda and her team were responsive, accommodating, and actively willing to generate customizable products. Thanks to Amplified Life Network, our team is continuing to meet the behavioral health needs of our ever-changing workforce."Dr. J Henderson

    Dr. J. Henderson, Director of National Healthcare System EAP

  • Amplified Life has assisted our firefighters on several occasions in the past few years following particularly difficult calls by offering CISM debriefing; they have been of great help!

    Paul Sheely, Fire Chief of Cutlerville Fire Department

  • "I am the Director of the Employee Assistance Program serving more than 30,000 employees. I highly recommend Amplified Life Network and the MindHealth Matters monthly EAP newsletter that is produced by this great organization. We have been very pleased with the content and production of every issue of MindHealth Matters as well as the seamless delivery of this product to our very large employee population."

    Patricia Kidd, LMFT, Director of the Employee Assistance Program of Santa Clara County, CA

  • "From the first call I received from Lyle Labardee through our implementation, monthly promotional campaigns and account management, I have been thoroughly impressed with the MHM team. They are extremely talented and in business to do the right thing always. This digital magazine is a masterpiece - instructionally designed, excellent content, relevant news. Our accounts are impressed and our team is relieved of the extra work it takes to produce a monthly promotional newsletter. PAS is a raving fan!"

    Susan Skinner, President of Personal Assistance Services

Emerging Digital EAP Resources

Traditional face-to-face and telephone-based EAP services are rapidly giving way to digitally-powered EAP resources including behavioral health apps, virtual assistants, interactive media services, digital training, online EHR and advanced telehealth services.

Top 5 Trends Driving Digital EAP Resources

The pandemic accelerated emerging trends in healthcare technology, increased the need for remote behavioral health resources and amplified employers' awareness of the connection between mental health and productivity.

The Benfits of Digital EAP Resources

Digital EAP Resources enable EAPs and Employers to cost-effectively put EAP resources into the pockets of every employee. Professionally written and creatively designed wellbeing media informs, engages, and provides quick access to EAP resources.

Our Digital & Print EAP Resources

Our digital and print EAP resources may be used as a stand-alone "EAP-Lite" resource that cost-effectively delivers wellbeing media, training and support to employees, or as individual products that support existing EAP services. Our Digital EAP resources are available to employers, EAPs, and others involved in the distribution of wellbeing resources to employees.

EAP Lite

Amplified Life's EAP Lite Program equips employers with a cost-effective, digitally enabled employee assistance resource that may be used as a stand alone EAP service or as an add-on to existing EAP services. EAP Lite includes a subscription to Amplified's wellbeing news, trainings, videos and library.

EAP Lite effectively reaches all employees with wellbeing resources on a monthly basis, and includes a 24/7/365 access number to facilitate transition to direct services from a licensed therapiist as needed.

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Wellbeing MEDIA Subscription

Amplified Life's monthly, wellbeing news publication, MindHealth Matters delivers interactive wellbeing media to employees. It provides employees with an opportunity to engage in wellbeing tips and resources. MindHealth Matters reinforces wellbeing and engagement in wellbeing resources. Custom branding available.

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Wellbeing TRAINING Subscription

Digital wellbeing trainings are easy for employees to access, promote wellbeing and may also be customized to feature support services.

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Wellbeing VIDEO Subcription

Custom-branded wellbeing videos engage and reinforce wellbeing around timely and relevant work-life topics while also promoting EAP services.

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Wellbeing LIBRARY Subscription

Content subsription includes digital content files (PDF, printable brochure, Word docs, thumbnail images) on nearly 100 wellbeing topics.

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Wellbeing Complete Subscription

Annual Content Bundle Subscription includes annusal subscription to all media, training, video and library content. Bundle and save.

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Printed Posters & Pamphlets

Choose from nearly 100 wellbeing titles. Colorful, engaging, custom-branded pamphlets and wall posters promote wellbeing services. Posters come in a standard (8.5 by 11) hard stock format, and large (16 x 24) canvas wrap, printed poster sizes. These resources reinforce organizational commitment to wellbeing and provide information on how to access EAP services.

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Amanda Maher, LMSW serves as our Account Representative. She brings over 10 years of experience serving internal and external EAPs including the U.S. Pentagon, The Social Security Administration and other large, national EAPs. She's here to help you explore how you might use our resources to better reach those you serve.