Dr. Barbra Katerberg, OTR/L

Hi, I’m Dr. Barbra Katerberg, a Licensed Occupational Therapist. I specialize in working with all ages, but love kids and families. My expertise is in working with child development, physical and mental disabilities, sensory processing, trauma, and wellness.

Occupational therapy focuses on the use of your daily activities to promote your health and well-being. Intervention focuses on how to support successful participation in life’s activities/occupations.  All the daily activities/occupations that we complete define us and contribute or harm our well-being.  If there are physical and mental barriers impacting your relationships, education, work, and daily tasks – these barriers will be addressed in therapy to improve function and success.   With a diverse knowledge in medical, education, child development, as well as, health and wellness- clients will get a tremendous amount of holistic, big picture expertise from me.

My philosophy for intervention is that in most cases, the natural environment is the most therapeutic; therefore, I prefer to work in the home, business, and community of my clients. This philosophy is supported by research; findings show that there is greater retention of skills learned in the natural environment, rather than in a clinic.  When working with children, I use a family centered approach to therapy, involving caregivers in the process.   I welcome the opportunity to work with all ages: infants, families, and adults struggling with a variety of functional concerns, that impact daily life and relationships. A personal evaluation is completed to determine how to improve your ability to perform daily activities and reach your individual goals. 

Therapy addresses the environment, the person both physically and mentally, as well as, the occupation you want to improve.  For example, if you are struggling with sleep (a daily occupation), a comprehensive evaluation of you, your routines, habits, and the environment will be completed.  Then using science and evidence- based interventions, strategies are developed to change your routines and habits to better support your sleep.  Success with therapy depends on the individual’s hard work and willingness to change and improve.

Everyone can benefit from occupational therapy, but the following list includes some typical diagnoses, as well as, deficit areas that I treat with my clients: • adults with hyperarousal and sensory challenges due to trauma, PTSD
 • adults with disabilities, impacting function 
 • brain injuries including cerebral palsy
 • developmental delays 
 • autism spectrum disorder
 • premature birth
 • medically fragile children with health issues
 • children with impairments, impacting education
 • feeding problems with infants, toddlers, and children
 • sensory processing disorders
 • sleep problems
 • handwriting and school success for children


I graduated from Western Michigan University in 1992 with a degree in occupational therapy. Returning later to school, I then earned a doctorate in occupational therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals in 2013.    My clinical background is very diverse, having worked in health care and education. I began my career in 1992 working in hospitals and rehabilitative settings.  I then transitioned to school-based practice, followed by 10 years working in early intervention with infants and families.  In 2016, I transitioned to academia, teaching pediatrics and research.  Currently, I am an assistant professor at Davenport University.  My clinical work with Amplified Life is to continue direct client care, which has always been a joy for me and must continue.   I have been married for 30 years and have 4 daughters.  I enjoy spending time with my family and love cooking, gardening, and nature.  I enjoy volunteering my clinical skills, through teaching and serving in underdeveloped areas of the world.

 If you would like to schedule an initial session with me, call 616-499-4711 or click the "Schedule With Barbra" button below; I'd be happy to meet with you and help you explore next steps. 

Dr. Barbra